Breakfast in the Hood

Tina, Shane, Ellie and Emilie are passionate about food, small business, Sandy Oregon, Mount Hood, people, and food carts. When the four realized that Sandy Oregon was far from saturated on the breakfast food front they hatched the idea of the Breakfast in the Hood food truck. The location of Sandlandia is ideal. It’s perfect for people in town to grab a quick bite and for people en route to Mount Hood to grab breakfast to fuel the ski day or a tasty meal on the way back home.

Tina & Shane met Emilie and Ellie while they were all living in Oregon. Currently, Tina and Shane live in Sandy, Oregon. Emilie and Ellie are currently living in Kansas City, while Emilie acquires her master’s degree. When complete the two will rejoin their friends in Sandy! Ellie will be traveling to Sandy frequently during the start-up phase and throughout until they move back.

Shane, Tina, Addy and Autumn

Ellie & Emilie

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